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As a big guy myself (I range between 90kg - 105kg) I totally understand the difficulty in buying quality, higher volume performance boards. The big brands scale up some of their boards but they can become "canoe-like" to achieve required volumes. The other option is to go for a mini-mal or even a mal however there are those of us that just don't want to go there.

I often take overseas surf trips and totally appreciate the importance of good performance surfboards to tackle the likes of Indonesia and the pacific Islands etc. I have spent years perfecting high quality performance surfboards and am an expert at hiding volume in the right places whilst still maintaining perfect proportions and high performance rail lines.

I have a bunch of templates or can totally customise a shape to your liking or specification. If you have a favourite board that you are just a few kilos north of optimal for it, I can easily duplicate it whilst sneaking in a few extra litres of foam. If you'd like to speak with me further about a big guy board, you can contact me HERE.


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